• Who is Moose River?

    We are a small, independently owned and operated software development company located in Berkeley, CA. We specialize in tools, data, and plug-ins for independent web developers. We are especially attuned to the needs of individuals, non-profits and environmental organizations in Northern California and the West Coast.

  • Where is the Moose River?

    The Moose River is a small river that flows into Nina Moose Lake in Northern Minnesota. (Lat: 48.049227 Lng: -91.097151) It is located in an area of Superior National Park known as the Boundary Waters. While I was living in Minnesota in the late 80's and early 90's I spent a lot of time camping and canoeing around the Moose River.

    Starting at the Moose River Portage off the Echo Trail, just outside of Ely, MN., one travels north along the Moose River to Nina Moose Lake then Nina Moose River to Lake Agnes. At the north end of Lake Agnes is Canada. With an early start and a serious push this journey can be done in a single day.

  • Who are you guys?

    Josef Grosch is the founder, Big Cheese and all around Geek running this operation. Lisa Goldman is the financial wizard and keeper of the calendar. We are advised on Zen meditation by our 2 cats, Neki and Noki, who also keep us informed on the frightful decline in the quality of their food and toys.

  • How did you start?

    Basically I got tired of calling up the places were I had various web sites being hosted and telling the system admins how to fix their and my problems. They were doing an awful job and I knew that I could do a better job then them. I also knew I must not be the only person going through this. Lisa got tired of hearing me bitch about the rotten service I was getting and said, "If you think you could do a better job, then go do it." So, in 1999, with a machine cobbled together from spare parts we started Moose River.

  • Do you use and/or support Open Source Software?

    Moose River is an active supporter of the Open Source movement. Aside from providing links to a wide variety of Open Source project, we also host, gratis, the Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group's (BAFUG) web site. We encourage all our customers to consider an Open Source solution when setting up their web and electronic commerce sites.