We host a number of sites, mostly for friends but some we feel strongly about. Other are some of our side projects.

  • Friend's web sites.
    • UbZub
      Rob, the maniac behind UbZub, is an old friend, a pretty good photographer and an amazing guitarist.

    • Barbara Smyth
      Barb is one of our oldest and dearest friends. She is an amazing web designer. We have had the privilege of working with her on a couple of web sites.

  • Side Projects - Aside from running Moose River we also have a few side projects we are running.
    • BAFUG
      The Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group. We are big supporters of the Open Source movement. Josef is the co-founder of BAFUG and ran the group for 8 or 9 years. The group is still very active and has monthly meetings in Sunnyvale, CA.

    • Flea Market Finder
      We love flea markets and swap meets.

    • Garage Sale Finder
      We also love garage sales.

    • Redwood Empire
      We are passionate environmentalist and hope that you will join us in preserving and protecting this wonderful place we live in, The Redwood Empire.

    • Music Bank
      We are also very big music fans but with a large music collection comes the problem of how to manage it. Josef has been working on this problem off and on for a few years. MusicBank is his work in progress.

  • Open Source

  • Others